The Girl and the Dragon.


Just for fun!. A little poem I wrote for Valentine’s day and forgot to post on here!. A little break from the Mental Health Fog!….. Lots of Love, Lyndsey xx






There once was a girl in her forties,
Who had been dating questionable guys since the noughties,

They would lie and they’d cheat, 
Sometimes knock her off her feet,
She was so sick and tired of their stories.

Most of her friends now they were all married,
But not even one bouquet had she carried,
They would come and they’d go,
Some would make quite a show,
Same old story, some of them she could have tallied.

The excuses and lies,
The wherefores and the why’s,
So many second chances it was a sin,
But over time she grew wise,
Sick of their goodbyes,
Her patience had grown wafer thin.

Be off with you boys,
Go play with your toys,
No more insecure little men,
Get some help with your issues,
Stop making girls cry into tissues,
She was sure she wasn’t going to go through this again.

Problems with committing,
She’d had a enough of babysitting,
And wanted someone loyal, strong and kind,
This was becoming a joke,
She was really loosing hope,
Then someone came along and changed her mind.

He was strong, he was brave,
He didn’t bother to shave, 
She knew he would protect her without question,
It would be a challenge,
No doubt in her mind,
People may get a very weird impression.

He was fiery and fierce,
And he smoked quite a lot,
People might think she was jumping on the bandwagon, 
But all that aside,
She thought, lets just enjoy the ride,
And she ran off and married a Dragon. 🐉  

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