Goodnight Grandad.

red love garden plant
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Love is not an apprenticeship,
It is not measured in days, hours or years,
Love is measured in kindness,
Kindness isn’t just all about words.

When you cried I put my face against yours,
I cried with you and told you it was going to be ok,
I held your hand, I wiped your face,
I stayed with you when you were too scared to sleep, and you wanted me to stay.

You can serve someone food,
But do you care if they eat it?,
You can make them a drink,
But do you hold their shaking hand as they drink it?.

When you tell them you love them , do you look them right in the eye?,
Do you wait until they are comfortable before you say goodbye?,

Grandad I am not pretending, we were as close as I would have wanted us to be,
Nor that we had the opportunity to see as much of you as I wanted to see,
But the one thing I am sure of is,
In the short time we had,
I showed you as much love, respect and kindness that I ever possibly could have.

I am sorry I didn’t keep my promise and couldn’t makeĀ  it all ok,
I am even more sorry that you didn’t have our love around you when you passed away,
If I had known you were leaving I would have tucked you in and kissed you goodnight,
I would have squeezed your hand tighter,
I wouldn’t have let you out of my sight.

That is what love is measured by,
Not in time, days hours or years,
It is loving them when they need it most,
and being there to wipe their tears.

Goodnight Grandad. I love you.


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