7 Days of Positivity.



So I am 7 days in to my 30 Days of Positivity and I just thought I would write a little update on how I am finding things.

As with any new challenge that you embark on , in the early days you are brimming with energy, you have lots of ideas, and its all very exciting. The path you want to follow is as clear as day and you are striding forth with gusto ready to make things happen.

This has been pretty much how I have started out, and I am enjoying the reinvigorated me, the more positive me, and it has to be said, I am enjoying the feeling that finally after what has seemed like a very long dark spell,  some beams of sunlight are starting to shine through the cracks of my world and warm my soul a little. Ironic timing really as Summer has most definitely made its exit and the need to find that extra jumper or jacket is becoming all the more urgent than it was two weeks ago.

I have noticed a marked difference in my mood in the last 7 days, just having something to focus on and having the accountability of telling people what I am doing, and posting  and writing about it has really given some focus to my thoughts and also helped me to organise my mind and my time a little better.  I am doing less procrastinating, and I am more able to recognise when I am doing it, and therefore stop myself a little sooner and I am enjoying being more productive.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to say that my mindset has completely changed around in 7 days.  It is not second nature at the moment by any means, it is a considered and conscious effort and some days are harder than others, but what it has brought to light is just how negative I had become in recent months and how bent out of shape I had let myself get. Just how much I had let little irritations really ruin my day, and just how much I was stewing on negative thoughts on emotions. and it has to be said I am enjoying the release and freedom that the change in my mindset is affording me at the moment, it really does feel like a weight has been lifted.

It’s a funny one, because I am a realist first and foremost, and even though I enjoy positivity and motivating people , there is no point in telling a 85-year-old wheelchair bound grandma that she can become the next Olympic speed skater if that’s what she wants to do , there are obvious constraints around her achieving that goal, and I avoid those kind of motivational speakers like the plague!. Blindly telling someone they can be whatever they want to be without looking at the bigger picture doesn’t work for me.  Whilst I like to dream and believe that I can achieve what I want if I put my mind to it , I am also very aware of the obvious constraints that are surrounding me right now,  the real hurdles , in real life, that no amount of visualising is going to make disappear.

This is the bit I have found tricky, keeping a positive mindset and my eyes firmly on my goals and being focused on being positive whilst still having to maintain other aspects of my life that I find take away from the bigger picture, and take away from my positivity, because they are real and unavoidable and they are here on a daily basis.

It’s easy to be positive when you have a couple of days off to yourself to spend them working on exactly what you want to be working on, its easy to find the positive in those days.  The challenge is being able to still find the positive on the days where you don’t have any time to yourself and you are not spending the day as you would want to.  The days where you feel as quickly as you are filling up your bucket with positivity and good energy, someone is drilling holes in it,  and it crosses your mind that perhaps you should just let them because it all seems fruitless anyway.  THOSE days. THOSE times. THAT is when it makes a difference. This is where the real challenge lies.

The main thing that has come out of these first  7 days is that a change however small can help, so if you are finding yourself in a similar situation, and are sitting thinking , that you are not going to bother trying anything new,  because it will take more than 30 days of positivity to change your circumstances around.  Believe me. I am that person too!, or should I say I had become that person.  The past year has been the hardest year of my life and it still is ,  but I am taking small steps and the small steps might not be sorting out the bigger problem right now, but they are making the journey a little more palatable. What have you got to lose?.


These Images are taken from the photographic diary I am keeping. I went for an evening walk along the beach, it was just starting to get dark and I was the only one out walking. I had not had a great day and before I went out I was deliberating it for about an hour, when I finally did go it was the best thing I could have done. The air temperature was warm but being cooled by these wonderful gusts of wind and all I could hear was the wind and the sea, my happy sounds. It really cleared my mind and I came back refreshed and feeling alive again.  It made me think about just how many magical moments like this have I may have been missing in the last couple of months by not trying.

Food for thought. Check in again soon.


Love and positive thoughts,

Lyndsey xx



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