The Bay Horse, Hutton Rudby


The Bay Horse is just as you enter the lovely little village of Hutton Rudby in North Yorkshire.

I was just driving around getting to know the local area again, and as it was a sunny day I decided to stop by for some lunch as they had a beer garden and I didn’t want to miss one of the first real Summer days we were having.

It was typically quiet for a weekday, and I was greeted by Charlotte, who was lovely and welcoming, and who I now know to be the manager there. I often eat out alone, and that is not a call for the violins. I absolutely love every minute of it, but it does mean that you become more aware of people , how you are welcomed, and how quickly you are made to feel comfortable and at ease, and in this case it was as soon as I said ‘Hello’.

The lunch menu consisted of Light lunches and starters, Main meals and Sandwiches and I opted for the Salmon and Crab Fishcakes with a mild curry butter sauce from the Light lunches section, I also ordered a glass of rose on recommendation from Charlotte, and I went to sit outside in what I thought was going to be small area with a few wooden tables!, turns out it’s quite a large area .. with quite a few wooden tables!



The outside area is very spacious and I was informed by Charlotte that they have recently had an extension,  which extends out to the back of the garden and is decked with benches and tables, as in the photo,  and if you are worried about missing out on the sun to have to go in and order your drinks, worry no more!… as they also have an outside bar, this was not open when I was there however I can imagine it adds to a great atmosphere when its open at its busy times. It is just a great set up that you wouldn’t necessarily know it was there , as you cant see it from the roadside.

There is also an onsite brewery and they brew a selection of beers and also distil their own gin, I cannot think of anything else this pub needs to do to be the perfect summer pub!.


I am not going to pretend to know anything about beer, but they have a variety of beers, and Charlotte did give me a brief overview of them all , but best thing I suggest is to pop along and try them for yourself.

They are just getting into flavoured Gin and rhubarb gin is next on their list, however I do believe that this has now been launched, as I am a bit late to the party with this blog and it has been a few weeks since my visit.

Beside the bar is an events board which is kept up to date with regular events that are held at the pub, the majority of which , when I was in there,  were directed at taking advantage of the lovely outside area.



As well as outside to keep you entertained on the sunny days, inside the pub there are lots of little snippets and quirky thinks to look at on the walls, and I wont spoil all of it here, as it is much more fun to indulge in the detail when you have a glass of something in your hand and some time to spare. That said, the picture to the right is a little write-up on Richard Meynell who was landlord of the pub in 1873, and the etching he made in the window in October of that year can still be seen!.


I know I may be telling a lot of people in the local area what they already know about this pub, and as I have recently found out when mentioning my recent little find to people they have immediately mentioned their Sunday roasts as being second to none in the area!, but I really got a special feeling when I visited this place and I feel it is so important to support and champion local businesses who are trying their best… and just getting it so right.

Well done guys!. I look forward to my next visit.



As always , Thanks for reading,

Lyndsey xxx




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